The Little House

Paperback, $7.95

The Little House

An English adaptation of the classic Yiddish fable about six animal friends who stand up to fear and unite to defend their home.

For the first time, American children and adults can enjoy the wonderfully lyrical fables of Itzik Kipnis, the internationally acclaimed Yiddish writer. In The Little House, six animal friends discover a beautiful fallen clay pot that they call their home. They live and play happily together until a big bear tries to kick them out. Joining forces, they battle to win back their little house. Translated from the original Yiddish, this bilingual English /Yiddish book reads as beautifully left to right as it does right to left. A special Yiddish pronunciation chart is included for educational purposes.

The Little House
by Itzik Kipnis

Translated by Curt Leviant
Join with the animals of the forest as they defend their home.

Raven Rock Publishing,1999.  Order


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