The Four Butterflies

Paperback, $7.95

The Four Butterflies

An English adaptation of the classic Yiddish fable about four butterflies who journey to overcome fear and abandonment and learn the true meaning of togetherness.

For the first time, American children and adults can enjoy the wonderfully lyrical fables of Itzik Kipnis, the internationally acclaimed Yiddish writer. In The Four Butterflies, four butterfly friends are under siege by a big bad beetle. Feeling threatened, each one finds a special hiding place in which to blend in except for the little black butterfly. Sad, forlorn and afraid, the black butterfly struggles to find camouflage, when a bumblebee comes to the rescue. Once the danger has passed, how do they reunite? This universal story of overcoming hope and fear will stir the heart of young and old alike. Translated from the original Yiddish, this bilingual English/Yiddish book reads as beautifully left to right as it does right to left. A special Yiddish pronunciation chart is included for educational purposes.
The Four Butterflies by Itzik Kipnis
Translated by Curt Leviant
Fly with four butterflies on their journey to overcome fear & abandonment.

Raven Rock Publishing,1999.  Order


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