Hardcover, $24.95

A Rose Blooms Again
A Survivor’s Story

A stirring story of inner transformation, survival and a young Jewish girl’s journey into womanhood during the darkest days of the Holocaust.

This emotionally charged memoir begins with recollections of joyous times in prewar Poland. Born into wealth rare for Polish Jewry, the author recalls a girlhood of privilege, and teen years spent in anticipation of war. Poland falls to Hitler’s Germany in a swift and savage invasion that would forever alter young Rose Strzegowski’s fate . . . and that of the world.

With powerful immediacy she shows how her inner strength enabled her to triumph amid the horrors of the camps, to risk all to nurse her sick twin sister, to surmount postwar hardships and finally embrace newfound happiness. It is an unforgettable story of historic adversity filtered through the prism of personal courage, faith and growth.

Syracuse University Press, 2003



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