Hardcover, $25.95

Songs To A Moonstruck Lady
Women in Yiddish Poetry
Selected and Translated by Barnett Zumoff

Women play a major role in Yiddish poetry, both as brilliant creators themselves and as beloved subjects of male poets: mothers, wives, daughters, lovers, and historical and legendary figures. Unfortunately, Yiddish poetry, in all of its range and brilliance, is largely lost to the general reading public because of the linguistic barrier: far less than one hundredth of one percent of the world’s population is able to read literary Yiddish, and even most Jews fall into this deprived category. In this Volume, Songs To A Moonstruck Lady, Barnett Zumoff has stepped into the breach by creating and presenting masterly translations of 85 Yiddish poems by the best of the women poets and 60 Yiddish poems about women by a broad range of the great male poets. Readers of this anthology who have not previously been familiar with Yiddish literature are in for a treat: they will obtain a striking picture of a magnificent slice of world literature and will experience the emotional impact of great poetry.

TSAR Publications, 2006



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