I.L. Peretz:  Selected Stories
Hardcover, $34.95

The Jewish Book of Fables

The Jewish Book of Fables, The Selected Works of Eliezer Shtaynbarg

The fable has a 3000-year-old tradition in Jewish literature, going back to the Bible and the Talmud.  Other works of fables abound in the long stream of Hebrew literature, but it was not until the advent of the illustrious poet and fabulist Eliezer Shtaynbarg that fable writing in Yiddish was honed to perfection.  This volume marks the first book devoted to his work.  Expertly translated from the Yiddish by award-winning author and translator Curt Leviant, this edition features the fables printed side by side in English and Yiddish with all new color and black and white illustrations by Dana Duane Craft.

The Jewish Book of Fables

Edited and Translated by Curt Leviant

Syracuse University Press, 2003



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