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Keeping Alive the Cultural Legacies of Our Forefathers and Foremothers . . .
    The Call of the Ancient Mariner, a documentary by David Weintraub (supported by the Center for Cultural Preservation) about man's longstanding connection to turtles, is now in production! The fate of man, turtle and ocean are intertwined. We hope this film will demonstrate the passion, dedication and concern for this iconic symbol of wisdom as we work to not only protect this primordial creature, but heal ourselves as well.

    See below for a preview of the film. To help support the film with a tax deductible donation to the Center for Cultural Preservation, please click the donation button. Donations of $50 or more receive a complementary copy of the DVD. Donations of $100 or more receive the above plus their name in the film's credits. Donations of $500 or more receive all the above and are invited to all VIP celebrations and screenings. Thanks for your support!