Annual International Jewish Cultural Winners



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–2001-2002 WINNERS –                


  First Prize:  

Jewish Dinner Music
    by Douglas Konecky, San Francisco, California

  Second Prize:  

Torah Studies
    by Susan Messer, Oak Park, Illinois

  Third Prize:

Norman in Yiddishland
    by Natalie Wexler, Washington, D.C.

  Honorable Mentions:     My Motherís Eyes
    Shirley Adelman, Erdenheim, Pennsylvania

My Little Cup
    Laura Wine Paster, Walnut Creek, California

–2000-2001 WINNERS –  


  First Place:   Mural (Sketches of a Third Millenial Jewish Culture)
by Tara R. Herman, New York, New York

  Second Place:   The Secret Diary of a Bat Mitzva Girl,
by Galina Vromen, Hod Hasharon, Israel
  Third Place: But Does He Speak Yiddish?
by Margie Newman, St. Paul, Minnesota
  Honorable Mentions:     Drive, by Amanda Stone, Santa Cruz, California

The Dream Letter, by Pesha Gerler, Seattle, Washington

Song of Songs, by Elizabeth Kadetsky, New York, New York


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All above-listed stories are copyrighted by their respective authors and may not be
reproduced in any form or transmitted without express permission of the authors.


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